Apple Store approved DPnav® (CyKOMM's Product) in just 3 days.

DPnav is a mobile App ready to take on the world. Do business anywhere in the world with multi-language capability as well as all currencies and measurement units. All data safely stored at cloud or in-house server and available to download your whole portfolios to run in your iPad under offline-mode (not Internet).

DPnav® on the App Store.

CyKOMM at MAPIC® Innovation Forum 2013

CyKOMM Corporation at the MAPIC Innovation Forum, located on the Lerins Level. Attend insightful conferences, meet speakers at their demo-stations, and discover the most innovative technologies and solutions that are shaping the future of shops and shopping centres.

CyKOMM assignee on worldwide patent

CyKOMM Corporation assignee on worldwide patent : Mobile Digital Property Portfolio Management System - US 20120124069 A1

CyKOMM created and designed a complete mobile platform in the last few years for Gazit Group USA, Inc. and subsidiaries around the world. This is a mobile property portfolio management system provides the capability of generating, maintaining, searching and displaying property portfolio data from a mobile device such as a smartphone (e.g., iPhone, android, windows, etc), tablet (e.g., iPad, android, windows, etc) or any other mobile computing device. The property portfolio management system comprises a mobile or client portion, a central or server portion and optional satellite offices. The system comprises software that runs on one or more server computers as well as client or user side software that can be realized as a standalone software application or “app” that runs on the client device (e.g., desktop, mobile device, tablet, etc.) or entirely in a standard web browser. The property portfolio management system in effect provides a digital version of a property portfolio with easy access to portfolio data for both internal users and public users and is particularly useful when realized on a tablet or mobile device.

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